Talking Therapy Service for

Emtional, Psychological & Sexual Wellbeing


Individual Counselling


There are many benefits to working in a therapeutic relationship with a professional counsellor on an individual basis. It can be a relief to express yourself to someone who is impartial about current or past issues you struggle with on your own. You may have a longstanding concern, be encountering new difficulties, or simply have a sense that something isn’t right in your life.

A Counsellor can help to normalise your experience and place it in context, offer critical distance, and experience of dealing with problems of all kinds. This encourages you to see the problem in a new way, and enable you to feel more able to get to grips with it.

Counselling will begin with a single session in which you and your counsellor work together to make sense of your experience, to consider your problems in new ways, and to think together about how you might move forward. 

Relationship & 

Couple's Counselling


Next to our parents, a romantic relationship is one of the closest we have as humans. Trying to stay together through life's twists and turns is rarely simple. If we choose to get married or live together and raise a family, unsurprisingly this at stressful times can add to the complexity.

 You have the odd tiff, full-blown arguments or simply stop having fun. However, very few relationships exist conflict-free. When one of our most important relationships begins to falter, our health and happiness often suffers as a result. For many of us our first instinct is to try and work through problems alone however, it can be incredibly useful to seek outside help.


Couples Counselling is a form of talking therapy designed for those in a relationship. 

Family Counselling

Senior Strategist

At times families can and should be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under stress due to different life issues and family members can at those times feel isolated & ignored.

Family Counselling can help with siblings who aren’t getting on, or when parents and children are going through a separation or divorce. Beginning  a new family can also be a challenge and it is at this point that many parents attend family counselling for some support to help everyone settle.

So whatever difficulties or issues you're having as a family, Essence Counselling can help.

Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual therapy or counselling is a specialised therapeutic technique carried out usually by professionals with backgrounds of counselling, nursing or medicine. It is specifically designed to help people living with difficulties that are of a psychological or sexual nature and that maybe too difficult or complex to be resolved alone or within the couple or intimate relationship.

Psychosexual therapists and counsellors are specifically trained to deal with most kinds of sexual problems, whatever the cause. Sexual problems vary in severity and complexity, and while some may be minor and temporary. This can often be linked to current or recent experiences that have caused stress. However, other sexual problems will have been around for some time.

Individuals who have been living with long-term sexual problems all to often are ashamed and embarrassed to discuss their concerns with anyone, even their partner. This then can and often does affect their sex life, relationship and overall well-being. Psychosexual therapy can provide an outlet for people to talk about their issues with a trusted and supportive therapist who specialises in resolving all kinds of sexual problems.

Some of the issues psychosexual therapists will be able to help with include:

*loss of sexual desire

*painful intercourse

*difficulties with orgasm

*arousal disorders

*erectile dysfunction

*premature or delayed ejaculation